Can I sell you my books?

No, we do not buy books. If you want to sell your books, check with a local used book store. You may also want to look into selling your books on person-to-person marketplaces like, eBay, or

How much are my books worth?

We do not appraise books. Your local used or rare book dealers may be able to give you referrals to professional appraisal services.

The value of a book depends on the book's rarity, importance, and collector's demand, as well as its condition and ownership history. The following websites can help you evaluate the value of your books:

I could not find the book I wanted. Now what?

There is no one magic solution; some ideas you may want to consider include:

  • Try running your search again later
  • Contact the original publisher
  • Contact the author
  • Work with a professional book search service (ask your local used book seller for a referral)
  • Talk to booksellers specialising in your subject area
  • Consult a librarian for help
  • Try searching on a general search engine like Google
  • Double-check your data
How do I search by ISBN, publisher, keywords, or bookseller location?

From the homepage, click the link labelled "Show more options..." to run a search by ISBN or keywords. You can enter the name of the publisher in the keywords field. There is no way to search by bookseller location at this time, although searches do take the cost of shipping into account.

I had a problem buying a book from a bookseller. What do I do?

If you attempted to buy the book from a small bookseller via a book listings service like AbeBooks, then you should contact the listings service for help. If you bought the book directly from a bookseller, contact the bookseller's customer service department. If the bookseller is a member of a trade organisation with a stated code of ethics like the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB), then you can often contact the trade organisation with grievances. Otherwise, unless you can find a suitable arrangement, you may want to contact a third party like the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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