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Forbes, Best of the Web Luxe Shopping Guide: Books (December 20, 2001)

The e-commerce shakeout has left only the strongest shopping sites standing, but it's still a tangled World Wide Web out there. That's why has sorted out where to find the finest holiday A search engine of search engines...It covers booksellers including Abebooks, and Powell's Books. BEST: Save time by checking several sites at once.

USA Today, Top Hot Site picks for 2001 (December 19, 2001)

Welcome to's top Hot Site picks for 2001. Each day this week, we'll look at a selection of our picks for the year's top Hot Sites. Rare-Book Finder: Don't give up trying to locate that hard-to-find book, says, which boasts connections to 20,000 independent sellers of new, used, rare and out-of-print books. More than 30 million titles., Reference Site-of-the-Day (December 17, 2001)

[Internet index site selects meta-search engine as "Reference Site-of-the-Day."]

The Boston Globe, Shelved: Authors are Never Prepared to see Their Books Go Out of Print, But Despite the Setbacks, Many are Wired to Keep Writing (December 12, 2001)

Besides and, both of which will search for out-of-print books, here are other sites:

[TV] ABC-7 News (Los Angeles), Savvy Shopping On-line (December 11, 2001)

The Net offers so many shopping options that it's tough for any mere mortal to get a grip on them all. The end result can be frustration and good deals missed-the sorts of things that can take some of the "happy" out of happy holidays...But there are other, more specialized price comparison sites that focus on specific product categories. Examples include PriceWatch, which lets you search for computer hardware and software prices, and, where you can seek out prices for new, used, and out-of-print books.

USA Today, Notables of Net share favorites (December 4, 2001)

We've asked some Net notables to let us in on their favorite shopping sites: Brewster Kahle, designer of the Internet's first publishing system (WAIS) and founder of The Internet Archive (, which archives the Web for historical purposes. One of his favorite sites is, which locates rare and out-of-print books. 'I like to call up the book vendor,' he says. 'You get to talk with really interesting people that way.'

[BOOK] Morocco: The Collected Traveler by Barrie Kerper (December 4, 2001)[s] in rare and collectible books

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Eclectic, Arty, Pretty-Darn-Good Holiday Gift Guide (December 2, 2001)

The afraid-to-leave-the-house gift guide: It can be a big, bad, scary world. Fortunately, you don't have to go out into it. One of the most enjoyable online shopping experiences is hunting down signed, first-edition copies of favorite books. They make great gifts for literati. There are any number of rare-book vendor Web sites, but the best is Here's how to do it: On the Web site, you'll be asked to enter the name of the author, title of the book and whether you have any other specifications (such as only wanting to see available copies of signed first-editions). Then you'll be provided with a vendor list, including the condition and price of each available copy. The individual vendors guarantee the authenticity of the books being advertised.

On Magazine, Bookmarks For The Bookworm: Used, Rare, Out-of-Print -- If It's Been Published, Chances Are You Can Find It On The Web (December 2001)

That said, there are still good and bad deals, so you'll want to make sure you're getting the best price for the sake of thoroughness--the watchword of the wily book hunter--you might want to check both. You can check the auction listings on as well, though keep in mind that not all the people who sell there are reputable booksellers.

Farm Journal, Find an Old Friend (December 2001)

If you have Internet access, check, where more than 40,000 independent booksellers list what is on their shelves. Simply type in Farm Journal under Book Title and dozens of titles appear with links to brief descriptions of each. You can buy books online through the site or call the bookseller directly.

Food & Wine, Links (November 28, 2001)

Here are links to sites that are useful, informative and just plain entertaining...Books:

Forbes, Best of the Web, B2B Directory (November 16, 2001) is simply a quick bot. You cannot browse through subjects looking for a title. Searching the yields hits from more than 40,000 booksellers, and will link you directly to the item page at other sites like ABE, Alibris, and JustBooks. BEST: Price comparisons are quick and efficient due to the eclectic mix of other booksellers and portals.

The Chicago Tribune, Creative Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Digs (November 11, 2001)

All the titles that fit: is a book-junkie's dream. This site is like walking into thousands of bookstores with a couple of mouse clicks. The site instantly searches through the inventories of more than 40,000 booksellers for the book you want from the more than 40 million books available for sale.

Martha Stewart Living (CBS), Porcupione Apples With Michel (November 8, 2001)

You'll want to get close to the quills of this porcupine; it's a delicious dessert created by renowned chef and restaurateur Michel Richard. The quills, made from kataifi (shredded phyllo dough), surround a piece of apple and are served with a sprinkling of confectioners' sugar and vanilla ice cream...Recommended Reading: Michel Richard's "Home Cooking with a French Accent" (William Morrow and Company, 1993; out of print) For out-of-print books, try

The Boston Globe, Gardener's Week (November 8, 2001)

Books: If you're looking for rare or out-of-print garden books, try the online book search engine Enter the book you're looking for, and the search engine will scan through the inventories of more than 40,000 booksellers. Then order directly from the bookseller of your choice without paying any extra fee. Anirvan Chatterjee, 24, chief executive officer of, developed the site in 1996 as a class project at the University of California, Berkeley. It works for nongardening books, too.

The Jewish Press, The Danger Within: Militant Islam in America (November 7, 2001)

For a fuller exposition of this outlook, one can do no better than to turn to a 1989 book by Shamim A. Siddiqi, an influential commentator on American Muslim issues. Cryptically titled Methodology of Dawah Ilallah in American Perspective (more idiomatically rendered as 'The Need to Convert Americans to Islam'), this 168-page study, published in Brooklyn, remains largely unavailable to general readers (neither nor listed it over a period of months) but is widely posted on Islamist websites, 2 where it enjoys a faithful readership. In it, in prose that makes up in intensity and vividness for what it lacks in sophistication and polish, Siddiqi lays out both a detailed rationale and a concrete plan for Islamists to take over the United States and establish 'Islamic rule' (iqamat ad-din).

InStyle, Surfin' U.S.A. (November 2001)

Forget the weakest links--our annual mouse hunt reveals the 99 best cyber-shops you've never heard of. On your bookmark, get set, go! So much has been made of the Internet bust that it's hard to believe that there are companies foolish enough to peddle their wares online. However, despite cautionary tales of dot-com crash-and-burns, cyber spending remains red-hot. NetShopper > Gifts > Locate that first edition with this search engine that connects you to 30,000 booksellers.

The Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal, Web stimulates business of independent booksellers (October 29, 2001)

[Business periodical looks at how online and offline booksellers are leveraging customer-specific knowledge to build business.] Since using Web book listing services like to post the Quadrant's inventory of rare and used books, new business and revenue have jumped.

Martha Stewart Living (CBS), Patriotic Quilts (October 18, 2001)

For centuries, quilt makers have looked to their own lives and surroundings when creating their pieces, taking inspiration from religious, cultural, and historic events...Recommended Reading: Robert Bishop and Carter Houck 'All Flags Flying: American Patriotic Quilts As Expressions of Liberty' (E.P. Dutton, 1986; out of print) For rare and out-of-print books, try

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, Pricing Price Information in E-Commerce (October 14, 2001)

Seller j decides to sell his price information and contracts the shopbot to deliver all product information for free, except the price, which will be available at an additional fee. The buyer can click on a button or a link and get j's price immediately by paying a price p. In figure 1 we show such a hypothetical agreement between and We queried for a particular edition of Umberto Eco's 'Name of the Rose' and found 7 sellers that offer the book.

Heise (Germany), Gebrauchte Bücher, Neuer Shop (October 4, 2001)

Im Gebrauchtbuchhandel via Internet, dem das Unternehmen ein jährliches Umsatzpotenzial von 20 Milliarden US-Dollar zutraut, fühlt sich Abebooks schon jetzt als der Platzhirsch, wird sich aber weiterhin mit dem ebenfalls 1996 gegründeten messen müssen, der ebenfalls ein Angebot von 30 Millionen Büchern für sich in Anspruch nimmt, aber mit 30.000 Anbietern dreimal so viele Lieferanten vertreten will wie Abebooks.

The Grand Rapids Press, Storied Bear, Pals Going Strong at 75 (October 2, 2001)

One Pooh, many versions. That red-shirted, orangey-furred bear is the only Pooh many of today's youngsters know, says Ray Walsh, owner of Argos Book Shop in Grand Rapids and an expert in antique books. 'Pooh has certainly maintained his popularity over 75 years, and that's due in part to the Disney cartoons,' he says. Purists looking for first-edition copies of the A.A. Milne books can expect to pay anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, Walsh says, depending on the book's condition. First-edition British copies are more valuable than the American versions, he says. A first-edition, American-published Winnie-the-Pooh lists for $500 on, while a first-edition British version sells for $2,750.

Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy (United Kingdom), The impact of Internet trading on the UK antiquarian and second-hand bookselling industry (October 2001)

Transparency of information and prices on the Internet. The interviewees confirmed that the Internet makes it very much easier for consumers of second-hand books to gather information and make price comparisons. Not only do numerous individual Internet search engines exist (listing millions of second-hand books) which allow customers to search for books within a specified price range, making price comparisons simple, but there is even a 'search-engine-of-the- search-engines',

[BOOK] Boys' & Girls' Book Series Real World Adventures: Identification & Values by Diane McClure Jones (October 2001)

Research: searches through a variety of Internet databases such as ABE. This is a good way to do some quick comparison shopping.

Money Magazine, Breaking Up the House: Saying Good-bye to Your Parents' Stuff--Without Going Crazy or Getting Burned (October 2001)

Books are heartbreaking. Often, you literally can't give them away, even to libraries. Yet first or limited editions and old volumes with fine plates or maps may be quite valuable. Condition is crucial. Check if you think you may have a winner.

Smart Computing, Top Online Shopping Agents Track Down The Items & Prices You're Looking For (October 2001)

If you are a book lover, or if you just like to look for good deals, these shopping agents can help you locate the bestsellers, reference materials, rare titles, and This site cross-references the titles of more than 30,000 booksellers and is the definitive site for rare book collectors. Search by author, title, book type (including first edition or rare), or click the Show More Options link and add such criteria as binding.

The San Jose Mercury News, Home On The Web (September 28, 2001)

Hard-to-find home, garden, cooking and other favorite titles suddenly aren't so hard-to-find. At, a comparison shopping site, you can search through the inventories of more than 40,000 booksellers for new, used, rare or out-of-print books. The site was developed by Anirvan Chatterjee as a class project at the University of California-Berkeley.

Omaha World-Herald, Connections In Print, Online & On The Air (September 28, 2001)

[Living section lists some timely resources for home decorating and gardening.] This is a little-known Web site to help you find that gardening book that's out-of-print or just a little too obscure to be on the shelves of your local library. The site specializes in hard-to-find and rare titles. It searches the inventories of more than 40,000 booksellers and lists the prices for new and used copies. Shoppers can order directly from he bookseller of their choice without paying extra fees or surcharges.

The Evening Standard (London) (United Kingdom), Your Guide to Online Loafing; Education 2001 (September 18, 2001)

There are 11,000 to search so for that professional touch to your dissertation, look no further:, a dictionary. Obviously. Biological, agricultural, government information, maps, art history resources, a Shakespeare Resource Center. In fact, everything you'll ever need to know. The only drawback to this comprehensive resource centre is that it's very US-centric., search for new, out-of-print and used books, and buy online. Great student resource.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Cover to cover Used bookstores are cool havens for Floridians, and lucky Southwest Florida has more that it's share. (September 4, 2001)

You can use to search for any book by title and or author.

Computers in Libraries, Promoting the Library by Using Technology (September 1, 2001)

When it comes to ordering books, once again there are Web software tools that can make your budget go much farther, by shedding 20 percent to 30 percent here and there. An agent like (, for example, found the hardcover version of William Arms' book for $36 at, and $49.50 at (with a few other stores in between)., Paula L. Woods's Mysterious Chronicles (August 27, 2001)

She [Paula L. Woods] continued recovering African American expressions and traditions with the 1996 anthology Merry Christmas, Baby: A Christmas and Kwanzaa Treasury. It excerpts Martin Luther King, Jr.'s sermon on peace, has a special section of recipes from leading chefs and restaurateurs, and features reminiscences by the likes of Nikki Giovanni, Langston Hughes, Dorothy West and Pearl Cleage. (Sing America, Symphony, and Merry Christmas are out of print but available through

The Los Angeles Times, Surfing the Stacks: Used-Book Sites Extend Boundaries of Search for Out-Of-Print or Rare Titles (August 16, 2001)

Locating a rare or out-of-print book often requires several time-consuming trips or at least phone calls to used-book stores around town. Browsing through used-book store sites online, however, produced not only the book I was looking for on a recent occasion, but a choice of several, at, provided a list of copies and sites where they were sold. When I selected the least expensive copy (30 cents), the site took me to to complete the purchase.

USA Today, Today's New and Notable: Rare Book Finder (August 6, 2001)

[ is featured as a hot site] Don't give up trying to locate that hard-to-find book, says BookFinder, which boasts connections to 20,000 independent sellers of new, used, rare and out-of-print books. More than 30 million titles.

[BOOK] Unsolved Mysteries of Science: A Mind-Expanding Journey through a Universe of Big Bangs, Particle Waves, and Other Perplexing Concepts by John Malone (August 3, 2001)

Cousteau is always worth reading on any marine subject. It is available from used bookstores and through

[BOOK] The Read-Aloud Handbook: Fifth Edition by Jim Trelease (August 1, 2001)

Booksellers: Looking for a favorite childhood book (or any book) that's out of print? Find a free search here that will locate it in a database of inventories from used bookstores in North America. For example, when I searched for Mel Ellis' novel This Mysterious River (out of print for fifteen years) provided me with twenty sales sites, physical descriptions of each copy, prices ranging from $4.75 to $27, and e-mail connections to many of these stores if I wished to make a purchase.

Family Tree Magazine, 101 Best New Web Sites for Genealogists (August 2001)

[America's fastest-growing genealogy magazine spotlights web sites that are new or substantially revamped.] Type in an author name or title keyword, and will quickly offer a list of titles. It also tells you which are available as new, used or rare books, and how much they cost at the top online booksellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) One click takes you to your item of choice at the retailer where it's available.

The Austin American-Statesman, Make Roses Last as Long as Your Love (July 30, 2001)

Q: I have a book of Lincoln's collected works with an 1865 publication date. How can I find out its worth? A: Visit 12th Street Books, 827 W. 12th St., and let owner Luke Bilberry take a look at the book. If it has no collector value, there is no charge. Formal written appraisals begin at $75. You might also check for similar books.

Martha Stewart Living (CBS), Ottoman Tray Tables with Eli (July 24, 2001)

Recommended Reading: Dean A. Fales Jr. 'American Painted Furniture 1660-1880' (E.P. Dutton, 1979; out of print) For rare and out-of-print books, try

[BOOK] Ogdoadic Magic by Norman R Kraft (July 1, 2001)

Recommended Additional Reading: If you have access to the Internet, try searching for old or out-of-print copies of books at one of these sites... Bookfinder Book Dealer Network

[BOOK] Ogdoadic Magick by Norman R. Kraft (July 2001)

Recommended Additional Reading: If you have access to the Internet, try searching for old or out-of-print copies of books at one of these sites...

East Bay Business Times (San Francisco Bay Area), In site: A local Web site review (June 15, 2001)

Content: ***** [out of five] The Web does not exactly suffer from a lack of book sellers. The biggest challenge seems to be having too many sellers and not enough time to search them all. Using a 'scraper' technology made popular in the online auction community, scours hundreds of book-selling sites to find specific titles or authors. Once the search is complete, users who click on their findings are sent to the seller's site. What's nice is the depth, which is practically unparalleled on the Web. Virtually any title can be found, new or used, at virtually any price. This site seems to have been designed especially with international users in mind, since it allows for price searches using nearly 40 different forms of currency.

Computer Shopper, Used Books (June 8, 2001) searches 20,000 booksellers for millions of new, used, rare, and out-of-print books.

AuctionBytes, How to Make Money Selling Books Online, Part I (June 3, 2001)

Once you've purchased your research samples, it's time to find out how you've done. The two best ways to accomplish this are by searching the titles on a book dealer search engine and by looking up your title on eBay closed auctions...Another is, While it isn't as fast as abebooks, the listings are more extensive and the search results are broader (including titles related to what you've typed in).

[BOOK] The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes by Christopher James (June 1, 2001)

A Modest List of Resources: This is a great, multi-based, search engine for locating out-of-print books.

The Alsop Review, Wine Review: June Picks - Wine and Beer (June 2001)

[Wine editor Martin Field recommends in his column.] Book meta-searcher, especially good for rare and out of print wine and food books.

Commentary Magazine, The Danger Within: Militant Islam in America (June 2001)

For a fuller exposition of this outlook, one can do no better than to turn to a 1989 book by Shamim A. Siddiqi, an influential commentator on American Muslim issues. Cryptically titled Methodology of Dawah Ilallah in American Perspective (more idiomatically rendered as 'The Need to Convert Americans to Islam'), this 168-page study, published in Brooklyn, remains largely unavailable to general readers (neither nor listed it over a period of months).

Colorado Libraries Journal, Spanish-Language and Cultural Sites on the Web (or Confessions of a Gringa) (June 2001) This site is in English, but one can search for foreign-language titles.

[BOOK] The Complete Idiot's Guide to Acting by Paul Baldwin & John Malone (May 22, 2001)

Acquiring Published Plays: You can search the Internet, not only major sites like and (Barnes & Noble), but also the used book listings at

Forbes, Best of The Web (May 21, 2001)

Some say the Web tolls a death knell for books. But why skim a virtual Adventures of Huckleberry Finn when you could be reading Twain's classic between the burnished leather boards of an 1884 quarto first edition with gilt imprints and light foxing? The Web is a giant flea market connecting buyers to sellers. But beware: as usual with flea markets, guarantees are scarce. time by checking several sites at once...A search engine of search engines for used and some new titles, means to be all-encompassing. It covers more than a dozen booksellers including Abebooks, and Powell's Books.

The Daily Telegraph (London) (United Kingdom), Modem Literature: If JR Hartley were seeking his book on fly-fishing today, would he be using the Net instead of the telephone? (May 19, 2001) Launched in 1996 in California, was created by a 19-year-old bookworm who was eager to provide a search facility for other bibliophiles. allows users to view the collections of more than 20,000 sellers of new, rare, used and out-of-print books. They boast a huge catalogue, with around 20m titles available. To search for a book, you first have to decide what currency you intend to pay in, then enter either the author's name or the book title. You can also request a first edition or a signed copy. Once you have found the title you want, you simply click on it to view the name of the bookseller and the price of the book. The website is rather dull to look at, but the information available is impressive and it is very easy to use. We liked: large choice of books, caters for unusual or old titles and no hidden charges, purely a search facility.

[BOOK] Surviving Schizophrenia: A Manual for Families, Consumers, and Providers [4th Edition] by E. Fuller Torrey (May 8, 2001)

Recommended Further Reading: Some of the books are out of print and may be available at your local library or used bookstore (over the Internet, try

Singularity Watch, Reading Groups (May 2001)

Like it or not, these superstores are becoming new community centers. At the same time, it is important that you patronize for all your used books, so you can also support the existence of independent booksellers via independent internet databases within, such as Abe and Bibliofind. We are having fun and learning a lot, and look forward to seeing this type of group expand to other cities in coming years.

[BOOK] Introduction to Reference Work, Volume I by William A. Katz (April 27, 2001)

Buying Books on the Web: All types of books, as well as other media, may be purchased at the computer...Reference librarians are inclined to channel purchases to the library acquisitions section, but from time to time, it is useful to recognize titles can be speeded along by using commecial sources and in the case of out-of-print books turning to several sources of used and antiquarian titles...Among the best bookstores for finding older reference works: Powell's Books (, (

Publishers Weekly, A Wired World for Old Books (April 23, 2001)

In the past several years, new online book-listing services have debuted; others have failed or been acquired. Meanwhile, a growing number of dealers and consumers have embraced the Internet, making the market more competitive. ... Many of the listing sites can be perused at once by going through a book-dedicated shopbot. The best-known is, which started as a commercial site in 1998 and aggregates 30,000 new and used booksellers and 30 million books, according to cofounder and CEO Anirvan Chatterjee., which Chatterjee said is profitable, makes its money from sources such as advertising and affiliate commissions. 'We're trying to provide a single brand name,' explained Chatterjee, noting that customers who come to BookFinder discover individual booksellers and can become repeat customers.'

The San Antonio Express-News, As Bluebonnets Fade, Unsung Wildflowers Step Into the Spotlight (April 14, 2001)

To locate out-of-print titles, check booksellers - new and used - as well as garden gift shops and native plant organizations. Web sites such as, and also can help in tracking hard-to-find books.

[RADIO] Hour 25, Readings - Call Me Joe by Poul Anderson and The Door in the Wall by H.G. Wells (March 29, 2001)

Tonight's reading of Call Me Joe can be found in the anthology The Dark Between the Stars. Our previous Poul Anderson story, Kyrie, can be found in The Best of Poul Anderson. Both of these stories have also appeared in other anthologies. However, all of them appear to be currently out of print. If you wish to read these stories you will need to look for them in your local used book stores or by trying on-line resources such

The Guardian (London) (United Kingdom), My New Media: Interview by Nicola Norton (March 19, 2001)

Last online purchase? A Dorothy L Sayers first edition from I use this site to search through a wonderful collection of secondhand bookshops from all over the world.

The Hartford Courant, Web Weaves Success for Bookshops (March 18, 2001)

[Feature on the annual Connecticut Antiquarian Book Fair talks about "the boom took off in earnest in 1998," crediting search engine with creating an easy-to-use service that linked customers with the listings of more than 8,000 American and foreign book dealers. Of the estimated 200 million out-of-print books available for sale worldwide, some 25 million are now contained in the databases of search engines such as these.] Book dealers say that the Internet has increased sales by eliminating the frustrations of 'hunt-and-peck' shopping for old books.

Martha Stewart Living (CBS), Collecting: Antique Coverlets with Laura (March 9, 2001)

Recommended Reading: The following editions are out-of-print; for rare and out-of-print books, try your local library or John W. Helsey 'A Checklist of American Weavers' (The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1978; compiled for the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center), Marguerite Porter Davison "A Handweaver's Pattern Book" (Marguerite Porter Davison, 1944), Carleton L. Safford and Robert Bishop 'America's Quilts and Coverlets' (Weathervane, 1974)

[BOOK] One Bowl: A Guide to Eating for Body and Spirit by Don Gerrad (March 2, 2001)

The Well Body Book, by Mike Samuel, M.D. and Hal Zina Bennett is the original, classic, alternative home health handbook. Its extraordinary techniques, developed in the 1970s, are still valid today. You mght be able to find this book on, but even used copies are rare because people won't part with them. At the time of this writing, I discovered six different used book dealers (though who are asking $35 for a used copy in moderately good condition.

Food Management, (March 1, 2001)

Looking for a hard-to-find, used or out-of-print cookbook? Check out for help in locating that special book.

[BOOK] Windows ME Complete by Sybex (March 1, 2001)

The World's Largest Bookstores: Without ever leaving your home, you can access the world's largest selection of books for sale. "So? Everybody already knows that," you say. But did you know that you can get hard-to-find, out-of-print, and antique books as well? Remember that great book you had when you were a child? Do you collect books and paraphernalia about the Civil War or some other subject? Because of the global nature of the Internet, you can locate hard-to-find books on virtually any subject. All you need is access to the Internet and a credit card that hasn't expired or exceeded its limit...The Web site at also lets you search for new, used, rare, and out-of-print books

Stanford Magazine, Farm Report News: from Inside Campus Drive and Beyond (March 2001)

[Stanford English Professor recommends] Bookmarks: ( -- Useful for locating out-of-print and first-edition books, this site describes what shape the books are in and puts you in touch with the bookseller.

Searcher, Gardening Resources on the Web (March 2001)

[The Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries (CBHL) recommends for out-of-print horticulture and botany books.] a gateway to aggregated listings of over 30,000 new and used booksellers worldwide.

The New England Antiques Journal, Collectors News: A Few Choice Links (March 2001)

The site: The address: The scoop: This is THE place to begin a search for a rare or out-of-print book. gives an instant overview of who has a book available, including the big guys such as, Barnes & Noble, and many fine antiquarian book dealers through ABE, Bibliofind, Alibris and others. The results come back in order of price -- from low to high, so you can see what's affordable at a glance. You'll also get descriptions of show condition, edition, etc. Hint: if you do a search under the title and author and don't get a result, search again under the author only (or the title only). This is a great place to research secondary market book values, too.

Vision Newsletter, Why would I need to use another library's catalogue? (March 2001) This site provides a useful free book search tool for all kinds of readers. The thirty million titles (new, used and out-of-print) comprise the largest book catalog available anywhere, either online or offline, according to the site information. Peter Carey titles ? around 23.

SoftBase, Shopping Bots: Santa's Electronic Elves (February 28, 2001)

While specialty bots are, CNET Shopper,, PriceWatch: and Street Price Search Engine.

Forbes, Best of the Web: Rare Books (February 26, 2001)

Searching yields hits from over 20,000 booksellers. The site automatically sorts them by price, so you can find the best deal. The site works best as a portal to other sellers like ABE, Alibris and They've improved the setup in recent months, so surfing from site to site is now more direct...Price comparisons are quick and efficient due to the eclectic mix of other booksellers and portals.

The Guardian (London) (United Kingdom), Web Watch: More Net News (February 22, 2001)

Best. Book search:

Web Search Guide, Online Bookstores (February 22, 2001) ( is a mega-search engine. Through its relationships with several major vendor networks such as ABE and Amazon, can search across the collections of nearly 10,000 bookstores. Search on name, title, keyword, or price range. You'll find new and used in the display of titles, stores, and price. Read the Help page for search tips and more information about this excellent site.

The Guardian (London) (United Kingdom), My Private Passion (February 17, 2001)

These essays are extracted from Lost Classics, edited by Michael Ondaatje, Michael Redhill, Esta Spalding and Linda Spalding, published by Bloomsbury on March 5, at 14.99. To buy the books featured, try rare-book websites such as or Stocks are limited.

The Times (London) (United Kingdom), Second-hand Books With Rare Value (February 17, 2001)

Clare Stewart turns over a new leaf and finds the fast, modern way to search dusty old libraries. Spare a thought for poor old J.R. Hartley. How much time did he waste trudging around bookshops to find a copy of that elusive angling book before it occurred to him to use Yellow Pages and pick up the phone? If only he had bought a computer, gone on the Internet and tried the growing number of bookfinder sites that trawl the stocks of booksellers worldwide, he would have found Fly Fishing very speedily. Using the Internet to order a rare or out-of-print book may lack the appeal of combing the shelves of out-of-the-way bookshops -but it certainly saves time. These sites can search through millions of titles. The best-known sites include

The Spokesman Review (Washington), Turning a New Page: Internet has Created a New and Lucrative Opportunity for 2nd Look Books (February 9, 2001)

[Business feature lists as a free online book directory helping customers find books from small bookstores.] Selling used books used to be easy. Easy but dull. With the Internet, used-book selling has become more fun and challenging.

Ideas on Liberty, No Dictionary of a Living Tongue Can Ever Be Perfect (February 1, 2001)

My all-time favorite choice for a single comprehensive volume on sound economics is The Fortune Encyclopedia for Economics (Warner Books, 1993). Editor David R. Henderson did a masterful job of collecting the views od 141 economists on a wide variety of subjects, including biographies, the major schools (Austrian, Keynesian, Marxist, Supply Side, and Neoclassical). and specific issues such as free trade, privatization, the national debt, antitrust, and environmentalism. I give it an A+. It should replace The Palgrave on college reference shelves. The only problem: It's out of print. To obtain a copy, check out or

American Organist, Monthly Tour of the Internet (February 2001)

Mr. Melvin Potts, a member of the Nashville, TN AGO Chapter, has submitted 3 sites to share with other AGO members. The sites:, in locating difficult-to-find books. Mr. Potts describes the sites thus: 'These websites are connected to 1000's of book dealers in the U.S. and around the world. By using I located and bought several editions (including a 1930) of The Contemporary Organ by Barnes. I also used this one to locate copies of Wedgwood's Dictionary of Organ Stops for myself and a friend.'

The 100 Top Network, 100 Top Book Sites (February 2001)

[The 100 Top Network ( chooses as the #1 book site over, Barnes & and 97 others.] An enormous online book catalog connecting users to over 20,000 independent sellers of new, used, rare and out-of-print books.'s database of 20 million titles makes searching quick and easy.

[BOOK] Book Finds: How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books by Ian C. Ellis (February 2001)

Brave New World: Books and the Internet: is one site that takes in several other sites, giving you comparison prices from around the Web on used books.

Egypt Today, Web Shopping: Bots & Beyond (February 2001)

You have to research items, compare prices, select a seller, and find the safest way to pay...while online shopping does require some work, a host of tools and services can make spending your money easier than ever. You knew they'd find a way to help you do that, didn't you? [When searching for books, is named as the best destination.] There are also category-specific bots, such as

The Spectator, Diary (January 27, 2001)

I sift through bibliographies noting relevant books and then I go on the Web and buy them. It is so easy and so efficient. The diaries of Robert Bruce Lockhart (two vols)? Bought in seconds, arrive within days. The letters of Katherine Mansfield? Ditto. A 1950s guidebook to Iceland? No problem. The two most guilty websites are and - which I happily share with you. But be warned: it can get out of hand. I'm currently on a two- to three book-a-day habit and even I'm beginning to get worried.

Martha Stewart Living (CBS), Entertaining: Super Bowl with Joe (January 27, 2001)

[Emmy-winning Martha Stewart Living television series again endorses as the best source for hard-to-find books.] For rare and out-of-print books, try

AsianWeek, The Shattered Ceiling (January 25, 2001) is an open marketplace for books online. The completely free Web service allows readers to comparison shop for new, used and rare books from any of 20,000 bookstores around the world. Founded by Chatterjee and Charles Hsu, the site has been recommended by The New York Times and the Library of Congress. [Chatterjee comments on the key to's success:] We understand what our customers want. We love listening to our users, and we've learned a lot from them. We have made a lot of changes based on what our consumers want. For example, one of the biggest things is emphasis on used books. Initially, the importance of the used book market was just one of the many things we were thinking about. One of our big plusses is that we are a really great way to find used and rare books.

[TV] Tech News (WBTV National & KNTV San Jose), To find the best price for a book online you could search thousands of websites or visit one that will do all the legwork for you. (January 20, 2001)

You're familiar with and Barnes & did you know there are more than 20,000 booksellers on the web. There's no way you could visit every website like and looking for the lowest price. Instead you go to and type in the book you're looking for. The site searches all 20,000 online retailers and tells me where to go to save the most money...You might think booksellers would be upset that Charlie and Anirvan are helping you find the lowest prices on books, but it's quite the opposite. Their service is giving obscure booksellers badly needed visibility in their fight against competition of Amazon proportions. 'We drive tens of millions of dollars to Amazon and mom and pop stores very regularly,' says Anirvan. 'We're helping out local bookstores, helping them survive and that's important to us.'

Martha Stewart Living (CBS), Chateaubriand With Jaques And Julia (January 16, 2001)

The writer and statesman Vicomte de Châteaubriand helped usher in the Romantic movement in the years following the French Revolution, but his legacy extends well beyond literature and politics and into the kitchen...To search for out-of-print books, try

The Washington Post, Finding those impossible-to-find books on the Internet (January 14, 2001)

[ is featured as the destination for comparison shopping.] There is now an explosion of used-book sites on the Internet. Some are better than others. But, thanks to the wonders on the World Wide Web, you can now find those impossible-to-find books you thought were gone with the wind.

Tulsa World, Old Novels Can Become a Real Treasure (January 13, 2001)

[Columnist and author Jay Cronley recommends for hard-to-find books.] Rare medium: On on the internet, under the heading Scarce, a very good copy of "Good Vibes" with the dust jacket intact on the hard cover, is offered for sale at $271.

The Daily Mail (London) (United Kingdom), Bookworm Column (January 12, 2001)

Lilian Harry's wartime sagas have proved hugely popular, and there will be much publicity to herald publication of the next, set in London this time, in March this year - Kiss The Girls Goodbye (Orion, £9.99). Lilian Harry is, however, the pseudonym for Donna Baker, who has written many historical sagas under her real name, most notably The Weavers And The Glassmakers series, published by Headline. These are, sadly, out of print but obtainable via the internet on

[BOOK] Bear's Guide to the Best Education Degrees by Distance Learning by John Bear, Mariah Bear, Tom Head, Thomas C Nixon (January 1, 2001)

Bibliography: In addition, some highly recommended books are now out of print. If you feel from their description that they would be useful in your situation, try your local library, a good second-hand bookstore, or some of the Web sites that deal in used books such as

Vogue (Japan), Online Shopping: Book Shops (January 2001)

You can search for and purchase new and used publications from over 2 million titles within this huge book catalog ( Desired items can easily be purchased in exchange rates for each country worldwide.

PC World, Web Shopping: Bots and Beyond -- How to Pick the Best Products, Shop for the Best Prices, and Close the Deal-- All Online. (January 2001)

Lots of Bots: Once you know what you want to buy, you have to figure out who's got the best deal. That's where shopping bots earn their keep. These software agents scour the Web or their own massive databases for products you designate. Then, like the Greek messenger Hermes on amphetamines, they zip back with a list of prices and places to buy. If they do the job right, bots spare you from visiting dozens of stores to collect prices and allow you to sniff out the steals from the so-so deals...I found the general-purpose shopping agents most useful because they comb so many product categories. (There are also category-specific bots, such as

Metropolis (Japan), Booked Up: Tech-Savvy Book Buying Habits (January 2001)

I order books online about once a month usually from, or and they're usually English books. If the bookstore has a good atmosphere, I'd prefer to shop around but otherwise, I'll just browse the web. Confusion and puzzle solving for navigating the subway system in Tokyo would be the book about my life in Japan.

RBM Journal, Second-hand and Antiquarian Books on the Internet (2001)

The proliferation of book sites can make searching a daunting task. (originally MXbookfinder) was organized in 1997 to index the other major book sites, allowing a single search to return hits from multiple database. In 1997, there were only three such sites: ABE, Bibliofind, and Bibliocity; in 2001, covers nine secondhand/antiquarian book search databases.

Journal of Organizational Computing & Electronic Commerce, A Conceptual Model of an Intelligent Catalog Search System (2001)

3.2 Bargain Finding Systems. Systems such as Mysimon (, Jango (, Junglee (, E-compare (e-, CompareNet (, and Onsale-at-Cost ( are brokers that provide search capabilities for a wide variety of product categories by querying merchants or even auction- servers (see Section 3.1). Other bargain finders focus on more specific markets such as travel (, books (, and computers ( In both cases a customer can select a product category and a specific product, or supply relevant keywords to refine the search until a specific product is narrowed down. The query is then evaluated against the catalogs of merchants or other brokers, which are preregistered in the bargain finder. Finally, product offers are displayed in a table and can be evaluated by a customer before a purchase decision is made.

[BOOK] The New York Public Library Literature Companion by Anne Skillion (2001)

Websites for Literature: Connects readers to over 20,000 booksellers from around the world. This search engine for new and used books combines searches of the listings of such retailers as and (, with searches of several used and rare book dealers.

[BOOK] Book Marketing & Promotion: A Handbook of Good Practice by Hans M. Zell (2001)

The Internet for the Book Professions: Internet bookselling: For example, do you want to find out where you can buy a copy of Chinua Achebe's A Man of the People? Or are you a collector trying to find a first edition of this classic African novel? To start a search you enter information describing the book you're looking for, and after a few seconds will tell you where you can find the book, either new or used copies, and different editions, available from dozens of retail outlets or secondhand bookstores. It will list them by order of price (in the currency of your choice) with the cheapest prices first, through to the most expensive and/or the first editions, together with a brief description regarding its condition (i.e. whether the copy is in pristine condition, with original jacket, etc.). It will also tell you the name of the bookseller, and clicking on the price will lead you straight to the site of that bookseller or catalogue listing, from where you can order and pay for the book online with a credit card. First developed in 1996 by the then 19-year-old University of California-Berkeley undergraduate student Anirvan Chatterjee, it is a truly remarkable service.

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