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I must commend you on the re-design. I have been a heavy user of your service and placed many book orders as a result, and I could not have recommended any improvements. But you have taken an excellent resource and made it even better. Congratulations!

Wow. This change has improved immeasurably! Thank you.

I really approve of the changes you have made to the format of this site. It is much easier to enter and review information (avoiding tons of redundancy), and it's even easier on the eyes in this soft color scheme. Bookfinder has helped me many times already, so it's great that it's now even friendlier to use. Thanks for existing and for somehow improving on an already fantastic service. Books (tangible ideas) are the ONLY real and lasting treasure.

I couldn't believe the new format LOVE IT!

love how the system helps me find whatever I am looking for with such ease.

I like the new format for your site. It seems to go much faster.

Your new system is a giant step forward.

Just want you to know how much I still enjoy your service! You know I am your fan and I have told everyone I see and meet about bookfinder.com. Hope it is bringing you some business. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and hope to continue to do business with you in the next century. Happy New Year too!

Your search engine results format is WONDERFUL! I can quickly look at the list to see if what I need is available rather than reading many pages of descriptions. Keep up the good work.

The new site looks neat. I like this site a lot. I come here probably once a month...The changes over the last couple years are remarkable.

Just thought I'd pass along that one of my very favorite writers, Neil Gaiman, recently said in a npo.com message board that your site was "one of the seven wonders of the world." Also, I was able to get another book by Jolly Roger Bradfield (great children's book illustrator) thanks to your work.

I love your site. "When I get a little money, I buy books. If there's any left, I buy food and clothes." I am now naked and anorexic.

Ok, I'm sure you've heard it all before. But I bet no one has ever told you that you are the reason they were going to graduate from college! A few years ago I took a book out of my college's library. Soon after, my children spilled a bottle of ketchup on it. I was informed that if I didn't replace it, I couldn't graduate. The problem: it is out of print. I searched for it on your site and found it with a price ranging from $4.95 - $79.00!!!!! Wow! I am so grateful that you have this service.

Great site! My Aunt (a fellow book lover) and I have scheduled a date when we can spend an entire Saturday with two chairs pulled up to the computer, searching through your bookshelves. We are thrilled to have stumbled across you!

I have been searching unsuccessfully for years in every used bookstore I enter in cities from coast to coast to find the delightful books of my father (handed down to me) by Richard Barnum called "kneetime animal stories." Everyone in my family remembers them with warmth and nostalgia. I JUST FOUND ALL OF THEM ON YOUR WEB SITE!! You have made me and my family very happy. Thank you.

Shameless praise department: Love you! Wading in an instant through an ocean of books directly to the one I want! Egad! What will they think of next? Love you, love you, love you, and will be back and back and back!!!!!

Shameless praise it is. Heaps of it. MOUNDS! We've been looking for out of print ICBO Code books. Your site saved our bacon. Thanks for making my job easier!

I am an accounting doctoral student and have used your site to obtain several (8-10)books at great prices. In the past I used Amazon.com exclusively and now I have discovered you can purchase many of the same books at deep discounts from other dealers. In addition, the site has allowed me to obtain books I thought were unavailable. I have had over a 90% find rate with your site. This site has helped me tremendously in my research.

I think I've died and gone to Heaven!

Great site! We've been using ebay a lot to find signed books - this is much better. Wish I had found you sooner!

After search the entire web for the last 3 hours, I finally stumbled upon your site. It was so simple to find the book I was looking for. I like the fact that this site searches so many different booksellers to come up with that rare book one can't live without! In my case, it was a book I use to own as a child and read it thousands of times. I've often wondered whatever happened to it, but now I've finally found another copy. Thank you so much!!

Well, I became addicted within half an hour. And my pocketbook is considerably lighter. I thought EBay was tough to withdraw from but it doesn't have the treasures you've got, so this will be a bit more difficult. At any rate, fantastic job you're doing. 'Code' ? I've done some business program for years and the quality and speed of your search results are very high, the final prices relatively low! Thanks very much for the time you put in on this. Well done!

I love this site. It runs so well, Also, if there is a "problem" you get a great human, humane, advisory: meaning it is comprehensible, assuring, and practical.

WOW!!! Excellent resource! You have made me a very happy man, this search utility is the best, it is a dream machine! I love it!!!! Thanks.

A little shameless praise for you.... My grandfather...was a writer, some sixty years ago, who received critical praise but never attained any real fame. Books of his sat on the family's dusty bookshelf as I grew up, his only tangible presence in my life since he died when I was very young. Out of curiosity the other day I looked for his books on your web site and found copies of all of his books but one, some as cheap as ten dollars. I, no fan of technology or computers, bought the words of my grandfather over the Internet, much to my grandma's pleasure. It means a great deal to me to have this part of him that lives on, and it would have been near impossible to buy that book without your site's help. So you should all feel a little better about yourselves today. Thanks again.

Absolutely brilliant! I've found a book I've wanted for 20 years -- and it's 10 miles from home.

You are AWESOME. I gave up looking for this one particular title about a year ago; then, on a whim, I searched Alta Vista for it one day, and it came up with a rare book dealer who had a copy -- for $50! Regardless, I was happy. Then I found your site (this is starting to sound like one of those Certs commercials), and searched for this title--and found it for $6.00! Additionally, I found a couple of other titles I didn't think were still even around. You are a wonderful resource. Don't ever change.

Shameless Praise Dept. This is a grand and wonderful site. Any book lover or even borderline literate person should be overjoyed.

Thanks! I was looking for a book all of Washington, DC and couldn't find it... but within 15 minutes, found a copy and had it ordered! It made me very happy. Thanks.

I found this site easy to use and very efficient. After spending a substancial amount of time surfing the net I found the book I was looking for very quickly

I want to thank you for having this wonderful site. I just spent 2 hours using other useless book finding services who only want to receive email and respond later to search results. No thanks. Anyway, I wish I would have found your site sooner, it would have saved a lot of time. And I did find just about all the books I was looking for. Thanks so much.

Great service... many thanks... spent about 20 minutes and came up dry...till I found your search engine...found and bought my out of print book.

Shameless. Truly. When seeking books, this avoids a lot of beating around the bush. Did you ever wonder why we beat around the bush, anyway? What did the bush ever do to us? What is it that surrounds the bush? Is beating an appropriate response to the bush? I want to know.

I'm impressed. More "hits" for the obscure topic I'm researching than any other site. Keep up the good work!

I would just like to say thank you. For the past six and a half months I have been looking for an O.O.P. novel and until I used your service had had no luck finding it anywhere. Within 5 minutes of enter ing the name I found and was able to purchase the book. Once again Thanks and I will be recommending this service to friends.

Praise indeed...I just located a book through your service that I've been looking for, for what seems like AGES. It's a book that I remember reading as a child that I had been hoping to share with my own children one day. BRAVO.

i've just found you and i think i'm in love :-). i work at waldenbooks (8 1/2 yrs) and haven't been able to get the book i found with you all in just one try...

Great prices, great selection, I found the oldest and most obscure titles that I'd given up looking for, I'll tell my friends about this site!

Wow! For 10 years I've been looking for a copy of Homer Smith's "Man and His Gods." I've hit some big used bookstores in Berkeley, Ca., New York, college towns across the country, and even a huge barn in Maine--and no one had even heard of it. Five minutes here, and I've got a copy ordered. Thank you.

I saw you advertised on one of the newsgroups. This is a very good

This is truly a superb service.. really mindboggling

Wonderful service! Thank You! I've registered with search agents for $3 and never heard from them until it was time to renew, and your service fulfilled my search within a minute! I'm very grateful. This is a wonderful example of the utility of the Internet magnifying the goodwill of intelligent people...

Supurb in all ways! I just called my friend to come down and check this place out. We're in love with books and this saves us a lot of time + money. In Sweden the books are very expensive compared to other countries. Was planning to travel to London, but now I don't know any more.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I have been looking for this little book for the past 3 years. Your service is WONDERFUL!!!

By all means, a few words of shameless praise are in order! I've been searching for a copy of a favorite book from my childhood for years, and found it via your facility! So a heartfelt "Thank You!" for your efforts. And thank you also for the clean user interface - it's quick, efficient, doesn't get in the way, leaves no cookies, and makes you want to come back and visit again...

Absolute torture for book addicts! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Used your service to locate a cookbook for my wife at 1/2 the price at the bookstore...Thanks.

I think you deserve shameless praise. My mother-in-law asked me to locate a book for her and it took me about five minutes using your site. Thanks!!!

This is justified praise! I just heard about BookFinder.com today in rec.arts.books.children. I found three childrens books this afternoon I've been looking for for quite a while. One of them is old and obscure enough that no one on the newsgroup had heard of it (but it's one I fondly remember from when I was about 7 years old. Thank you!

I'm a professional researcher, and I just discovered your online search service! What a terrific resource! It's definitelyl getting a bookmark as one of my valuable web sites! Thank you!

Amazing! I could search the web all day and never come up with this. Thanks

Each time I use it, it just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the good work guys!

I love your service! I managed to find a very rare book for a gift for someone. I've worked in both bookstores and libraries and your service is the best I've ever seen. Bravo!

Each time I use it, it just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the good work guys!

I am IMPRESSED!!! THis is a very good search tool. I have found almost every book I was interested in obtaining, and usually with choices of condition and prices as well as editions. Thanks for a well done and worthwhile website.

Thanks for saving me LOTS of $$$ through comparison shopping!!!

I think that this is an amazing service....I have always wanted one comprehensive search engine dedicated to books...Keep going

For shame you have made it so much easier for us, God bless you.

Love it!!! Absolutely love it! . . . Although, this is going to be disastrous for my checkbook and credit card balances!

Shameless praise! I am not in the habit of sending unsolicited testimonials, but this site is quite superb.

Just what I need! A single-source way to hunt for books. I really appreciate what you're doing.

Thank you very much! I found a book here that I had been looking for for at least five years.

wish i had know about you bozos sooner. i would have saved enough time to go out and buy more books to add to my already unmanageable pile...

This is great! It took me a long time last week just to find bookstores on the web, let alone the book I wanted, but your search let me find all the stores that have my book. Thanks a lot!

This is one of the best things I've found on the Internet. For an obsessed book collector, this is a license to spend lots of money collecting things. Thank you very much for a super service.

This is the most fantastic site for new/used books that I have found and I've been looking for awhile. One of its most useful and exciting aspects to look up used books on our shelf and find out how much LESS we paid. This like a poor man 's stock exchange. Thanks many times over for your database. yKeep improving it, if that is possible.

On my first attempt to use BookFinder.com I found a book I've been looking for for about the last 10 years! Keep up the good work!!!

Excellent. You've been of great help. I already bought 5 out of print books which I urgently needed for a seminar.

My first "search" is in the mail to my house. Finding you will be a bit expensive - do you do loans for retired ladies with over extended book budgets?

Have been looking for books for people for 25 years, this almost seems like cheating.

I am delighted to know about BookFinder.com. I am the author of two out-of-print books and periodically get inquiries from people who want to buy them. I will hereafter recommend BookFinder.com as a good source of information on the availability of copies of my books. Thank you.

I'm utterly hooked! I have a book which was the first in a "series". Amazon.com said it was "hard to find." I wanted to obtain its sequels which were also "hard to find." Your site is the only one to date which produced positive results. Thanks for your hard work and vision!

New format is gorgeous. Kudos.

You've reduced me to a state of poverty, but I now have many more books.

This is the best, most comprehensive book search that I have seen. I used it to locate the price I wanted that I wasn't finding searching through bookstores myself. I was looking for an inexpensive paperback copy that Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. weren't offering. I am sure that I will use your service more in the future. Keep up the good work!

You have helped me locate THE perfect birthday gift for my husband...a book we have been searching for over 20 years!! Thank you