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The JustBooks.co.uk website is part of the BookFinder.com/JustBooks network, produced by a team of high-tech librarians and programmers based in Berkeley, California, and Düsseldorf, Germany. We are heavy readers, and buy several dozen books every year using our own search engine. We enjoy advocating for a strong, diverse, bookselling industry.

BookFinder.com was launched in 1997 by then-19-year-old UC Berkeley undergraduate Anirvan Chatterjee (personal website). Over the years, both users and the press have discovered why we are one of the most useful resources for bibliophiles online. Whether you collect rare books or buy cheap paperbacks to read on the train, we think you will appreciate our breadth, precision, and unbiased results.

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  • 150+ million books for sale
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BookFinder.com is an independent subsidiary of AbeBooks, which is based in Victoria, Canada.